Who We Are

Jefferson Strategic is a small family run business that operates on three pillars.

Simplicity. Functionality. Affordability

We help small businesses navigate the digital world by breaking down the process of building an online presence. Taking your operation online doesn't have to be complicated. We build you a beautiful website and give you the tools to manage it. Getting your business on google and social media platforms can seem like a headache. We take all the brain work out of it by standardizing your information across all platforms and showing you how to run basic marketing campaigns to get things headed in the right direction. 

"We help you tell your story, the way it's meant to be told"

Jefferson strategic was founded by husband and wife team, Calvin and Suda Jefferson in 2018. Primarily operating in finance and business development they came across an opportunity to start an exciting new leg of the business. The idea to start helping businesses grow online was discovered close to home when the pair took on the project of helping Linda jefferson (New Roads Nutrition) build their website and develop an online presence. Since then, the team discovered they are so many businesses that are simply focused on operating their business and don't have time to design and build a website. This is where their mission began.

Recent Projects

We specialize in working closely with small businesses and non profit organizations throughout communities in Canada. Check out a few of our most recent projects.

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